Legal Specialties

We solve your legal problems in everything related to: inheritances, traffic accidents, claims to insurance companies, consumers and users defense.

Civil Law

Procedural Law

We defend your interests in civil, mercantile, criminal, social and contentious-administrative courts and tribunals. Drafting lawsuits, complaints and resources.

Family Lawyer

We try to carry out a mediating and conciliatory work. Work Areas: Guardians and Joint Custodians, Separation and Divorce Procedures...

Criminal Law

Real Estate Law

Commercial Law

We solve your legal, fiscal and administrative problems related to the purchase and sale of a property (home, office, premises, plot).

We defend your rights as Private Accusation and as a Criminal Defense before the Courts and Criminal Courts. 24-hour assistance to the detainee. Complaints and complaints. Alcoholemias Mild crimes.

Commercial legal advice to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. Annual accounts. Corporate tax. Partner Agreements. Constitution and liquidation of companies. Bankruptcy Law.


The Law Firm is different in its proximity, easy access and a policy of clarity in any process. The interests of our clients are prioritized first and foremost. We offer a multidisciplinary service to provide comprehensive and innovative solutions, covering all areas of law, offering a service to our customers and society in general.

Labor Law


Sanctions, dismissals, quantity claims, labor harassment, work accidents, ERES and ERTES.